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Instance value only shows up as "string"?

brianpebrianpe Posts: 2
Hello -- it's my first time with ANTS Memory Profiler. I'm looking at a leak where new strings are introduced. But strings are common, so I would either need to see the value of the string or the allocation stack of who created it. in the "what to look for in the instance list" section of documentation it shows a nice screen grab that shows a small + sign for values where you can expand them, and it states that for primitives the actual values are shown. But in my case, I don't see the string value. I only see "string" printed in the value column.

Is there any way to see the values of the strings?

Note: I'm running against a pre-release version of .NET 4, which may complicate things. My app can't run against prior versions of .NET.


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    .NET 4 support is still fairly experimental in both profilers; unfortunately this means there are still likely to be some bugs. In this case, it looks like some of the changes made to the CLR have caused the code that reads strings from memory to fail, so the values are not available. Other field values are still available, however. We're currently planning on updating the profiler to fully support .NET 4 once Microsoft has made the final release available.

    You should still be able to determine what the strings are being used for by looking at the class reference explorer (for the string class as a whole; it can also be used to help narrow down the instance list to specific sets of strings) or the object retention graph (for a specific string).
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