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Blank Aliases No Longer Valid in Version

Matthew.WilkersonMatthew.Wilkerson Posts: 45
edited December 9, 2009 5:34AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
We do not use the aliases suggested by SQL Prompt, but do use custom aliases for some (but not all) tables. Why are blank aliases no longer valid? It was in the previous versions. With "Assign Aliases" turned on, we used to be able to assign blank aliases (a space), so that we could not have an alias for tables that did not need one. We do not always use/need alises, just for some of our tables. Being able to add a table with no alias was very useful.

Can we get that added back? Another way to implement this would be to have a list to not assign aliases for these tables.


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    I spoke to the SQL Prompt team about this. The issue is SQL Prompt does not let the user close the alias box without having a character in the box. This is a design issue and is logged in our tracking system with reference SP-2883. This will be looked at for the next release of SQL Prompt although I am afraid we have no timescales for this at present.
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