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My App crashes with a large amount of "Private Bytes"

Hi All,

I am new to memory profiling, and im trying to find out why exactly my application crashes on startup with an OutofMemoryException.

I ran the ANTS profiler and within 15 seconds, I have over 450MB allocated in the "Private Bytes" section of the profiler.

I took 2 snap shots, one before the jump and one after.

In the "Class List" view of my 2nd snapshot, there is nothing that I can see that is using that much space...

On top of the list when I filter by "Live Size" is a Byte[] which is using 925,023 bytes (not very much, only 0.8MB)

In regards to my app, I know Im loading up BitmapImage instances into memory, which could be the cause (most likely actually), but I dont know how to track that down.

How can I find out what is using up SO MUCH space?


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